Unlocking the Power of Automation with Spotline V-Assure

V-Assure is a Veeva-certified test automation and validation suite specifically developed for Veeva Vault. It simplifies the complex and time-consuming testing and validation processes, ensuring compliance and accuracy while reducing operational overhead. It boosts efficiency by up to 80% for every Veeva Vault release.

Setting the Standard for Veeva Vault Testing

Veeva automated testing for validation and test automation Automated Testing

Spotline's V-Assure, certified by Veeva, enables simplified automated testing for both single and multi-vault environments. It minimizes human error, speeds up market readiness, and upholds strict quality and compliance standards. Experience the next level of Veeva Vault testing with V-Assure.

Veeva Automated Testing

Veeva Validations Simplified Validation

Experience unparalleled validation of your Veeva Vault configurations with Spotline V-Assure. Our platform stands as a beacon of assurance, meticulously aligning with the intended specifications and adhering to stringent compliance prerequisites. Embark on a journey of minimized non-compliance risks and heightened reliability for your Veeva Vault applications with the trusted expertise of Spotline V-Assure.

simplified validation

Supplier-collab Intelligent Reporting

Spotline V-Assure provides customized reporting tailored to each customer's specifications. This report has all the required details for completing your testing, including a test step, date/time, status, and the specific Veeva Vault screenshot to exhibit that testing is conducted. This report can serve as a crucial output for your validation processes.


document-management Test Case Management

Experience seamless management of test cases through the capabilities of Spotline V-Assure. Our platform facilitates effortless organization and tracking, promoting efficiency in your testing processes. With support for the reuse of test cases, Spotline V-Assure enhances productivity while diminishing the need for manual intervention.


Procurement-Support-Desk Support & Training

In the realm of life sciences innovation, Spotline and Veeva join forces as pioneers. Our partnership introduces an extensive array of industry-tailored services and solutions that equip your business to conquer the distinctive hurdles of this sector. From ensuring compliance and maintaining quality control to navigating digital transformation, our comprehensive offerings are meticulously crafted to guide you on the path to operational excellence. Rely on Spotline and Veeva as your trusted partners, driving your success in the world of life sciences.


V-Assure Solution Benefits

thumbnail_Automation One-Touch Testing
Our proprietary platform streamlines your testing process, enabling quicker, more efficient outcomes.
thumbnail_Improved-quality Improved Quality and Compliance
Spotline V-assure upholds high-quality standards and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements.
thumbnail_greater-efficiency Greater Efficiency
Our solution reduces manual efforts, enhancing productivity and enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives.
thumbnail_real-time-insights Real Time Insights
Benefit from real-time insights into your testing process to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.

Our Impact By Numbers

20 Years

Expertise in Life Sciences

100 Projects

Regulatory, Clinical, Quality, Safety, Commercial

200 +

Dedicated Employees

Case Studies

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Life Sciences Project Management Excellence

The Spotline Insights on Project Management Excellence are a series of articles targeted at Life Sciences individuals like yourself. They are crystallized from decades of experience of our senior principals who led and managed complex projects across leading Life Sciences companies such as Abbvie, Amgen, Allergan, GSK, and Gilead Sciences before joining Spotline.

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Customer Testimonials

Prominent Biotechnology Company

Executive Vice President

“With an unwavering commitment and expertise, the Spotline team expertly fast-tracked the deployment of our AMS program, efficiently handling 27 applications across four business sectors within just a few months.”

Large Pharmeceutical Company

Chief Information Officer

“Through innovation and prowess, the Spotline team significantly elevated the efficacy of our Veeva Vault SafetyDocs initiative. The groundbreaking V-Assure solution they crafted for Veeva is genuinely transformative.”

Renowned Biotechnology Corporation

Senior Vice President

"In a remarkably short time span, the Spotline team leveraged the power of machine learning to provide effective solutions to complex business challenges, demonstrating their expertise and agility."

Viezh Robert

Warsaw, Poland

“The Spotline team quickly developed and showcased the impact of ML in solving tough business problems."

Viezh Robert

Warsaw, Poland

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