Procurement Bot For SAP® Ariba® Solutions

  • Speed up Procurement by up to 10X
  • Increase user adoption
  • Eliminate support tickets by up to 80%

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AI-Powered Assistants for Your Procurement and Accounts Payable Teams

Extend the Value of Your SAP Ariba Solution Investment with Smart Conversations.

P2P teams spend valuable resources answering common inquiries regarding the procure-to-pay process, yet many of these interactions can be automated. Procurement Bot is a holistic solution designed to work alongside your SAP Ariba system to help optimize internal procure-to-pay processes. Easily scale your support for employees and suppliers while empowering your teams to focus on critical tasks.

Procurement Digital Assistant Trainable Digital Assistant

A Game Changer for Procurement and Accounts Payable Teams

Manual handling of routine inquiries not only consumes valuable time but also diverts your team's focus from more critical tasks. Here's where the Procurement Bot comes into play. Designed to learn and adapt, it can be trained to understand the unique nuances of your business operations, becoming more proficient over time in handling a wide variety of queries related to the procure-to-pay process.

Procurement AI Assistant

Procurement Chatbot for Natural Language Understanding Natural Language Understanding

Bridging Communication Gaps with AI-Powered Precision

Procurement Bot stands at the forefront of technological innovation, equipped with sophisticated natural language understanding capabilities. It interprets and responds to a vast array of inquiries with accuracy, comprehending the nuances in human language to facilitate smooth, intuitive interactions. Transform your procure-to-pay process, making it more agile and responsive, with this intelligent digital assistant at your side.

SAP Ariba Procurement Chatbot / Assistant

SAP Ariba Virtual Chatbot Assistant for Integration Pre-Built Integration with SAP Ariba

A Fusion of Efficiency and Innovation

Revolutionize your business operations with Procurement Bot's pre-built integration with SAP Ariba. This seamless synergy amplifies the effectiveness of your existing systems, allowing for a unified and streamlined approach to managing the entire procure-to-pay cycle. With automated responses to common inquiries, this integration paves the way for more strategic, focused, and effective operations.

SAP Ariba Virtual Chatbot Assistant for Integration

24x7 support with SAP Ariba Procurement AI Digital Assistant Automated 24/7 Support

Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional office hours. With Procurement Bot, experience a level of assistance that operates round-the-clock, ensuring that no query goes unanswered, no matter the time of day. Offering automated support 24/7, Procurement Bot stands as a reliable and ever-present ally, ready to tackle any challenge, any time.

24x7 support with SAP Ariba Procurement AI Digital Assistant

Delayed Approvals

Using multiple applications causes complex and inefficient processes that result in delayed approvals.


Volume of Global Support Tickets

Support staff is inundated with common repetitive inquiries and tickets (e.g., ServiceNow®)


Increased Risk Due to Non-Compliance

Lack of access and conforming to ever changing policies & procedures.


Process Bottlenecks

While managing multiple applications, users face process deviations and exceptions that lead to delays and increased touch points.

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Enable an Intelligent and Automated Digital Supply Chain


Process Exceptions

Suppliers can easily collaborate on process deviations such as rejected invoices to reduce the turnaround time needed to close the loop in communication.


P2P Process Approvals

Enable your users to accelerate the approval process for P2P document flows including Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and more.


Procurement Support Desk

Enable users to reduce P2P support related inquiries involving SAP Ariba with instant hand-offs to your support agents through service desk platforms such as ServiceNow®.


Buying and Invoicing FAQs

Easily add to the Procurement Bot's knowledge base to effortlessly answer commonly asked questions regarding your specific P2P process.


Supplier Collab & Self-Service Enablement

Quickly and efficiently request, receive, and process important changes from your suppliers (e.g., payment address).


Status Updates and Notifications

Easily add to the Procurement Bot's knowledge base to effortlessly answer commonly asked questions regarding your specific P2P process.

Instantly Engage with Your Suppliers & Employees

Users can interact in multiple languages using various channels including Microsoft Teams®, Google Chat®, Slack®, SMS, web, and more.

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Enhance Your SAP Ariba User Experience & Meet Growing Stakeholder Demands

Delight your internal and external stakeholders by providing a virtual assistant that is smart, responsive, and doesn't require major capital investments.

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