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Revolutionizing Clinical Study Management with SharePoint Background

Vinesh Goyal
August 22, 2023


In the fast-paced world of clinical research, efficiency and collaboration are key. The Leading Clinical Studies Institute recognized the need to overhaul their antiquated, manual process of managing and tracking study documents which involved network shared drives and physical binders. Aiming to foster greater collaboration and streamline document management, the institute envisioned a digital transformation.

The Challenge

The institute was grappling with a cumbersome and time-consuming document management process that hindered cross-study collaboration and information sharing. The necessity for a secure, collaborative, and efficient solution was palpable. This led to the initiation of a project to create a SharePoint-based Clinical Studies Portal that could seamlessly integrate various functionalities necessary for a streamlined workflow.

The Solution

Stepping in to assist, our team created a custom, secure, and collaborative document management site built on SharePoint. The revitalized platform now houses several key capabilities, including:
Protocol Template Management: Easy management and access to protocol template documents.
Structured Study Site Templates: Facilitation of creating study site templates with defined document libraries and folder structures.
Submission and Status Tracking: Efficient management of study document submissions along with real-time status tracking.
Personnel Roster Management: An integrated system to manage a personnel roster with detailed contact information, tracking Principal Investigators, Conflict of Interests (COI’s) and study coordinators.
Event and Appointment Calendars: A centralized hub to track calendars of study events, administrative events, and appointments.
Participant and Recruitment Tracking: A comprehensive system to track study participants and monitor recruitment progress in real time.
The project culminated in the successful creation of various platforms and tools that fostered a more collaborative and efficient working environment. These include:
Clinical Studies Homepage and Shared Docs: A centralized homepage facilitating quick access to shared documents and essential information.
Clinical Studies Admin Site: A dedicated administrative site to oversee and manage various aspects of clinical studies.
Clinical Study Collaboration Sites: Platforms designed to foster collaboration and information sharing across different studies.
Clinical Study Request Form: A digital form to streamline the process of initiating new clinical study requests.
Creation of Dev/QA/Prod Platforms: Separate platforms to facilitate development, quality assurance, and production tasks effectively.
Support for Various Study Types: The platform is designed to support various study types including Standard, Ceded, and Non-Human Subjects Research (NHSR).


Through this transformative journey, the Leading Clinical Studies Institute managed to successfully replace their manual, time-consuming processes with a streamlined, SharePoint-based solution. This digital transformation not only facilitated seamless collaboration but also enhanced the efficiency of document management and tracking across various studies, ushering the institute into a new era of clinical research management.
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