• Speed up Procurement by up to 10X
  • Significantly boost user experience
  • Eliminate support tickets by up to 99%


Delayed Approvals

Using multiple applications causes complex and inefficient processes that result in delayed approvals.


Process Bottlenecks

While managing multiple applications, users face process deviations and exceptions that lead to delays and increased touch points.


Volume of Global Support Tickets

Support staff is inundated with common repetitive inquiries and tickets (e.g., ServiceNow®).


Increased Risk Due to Non-Compliance

Lack of access and conforming to ever changing policies & procedures.

AI-Powered Chatbots for Your Procurement and Accounts Payable Teams

Communication teams are spending valuable resources answering common inquiries regarding the procure-to-pay process, yet many of these interactions can be automated. Procurement Bot is a holistic solution designed to work alongside your SAP Ariba system to help optimize internal procure-to-pay processes. Easily scale your support for employees and suppliers while empowering your teams to focus on critical tasks.

Increase the Value to Your SAP Ariba Solution Investment with Smart Conversations.

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Trainable Digital Assistant

Procurement Bot leverages AI technology to learn specific skills unique to your P2P processes and systems.

Natural Language Understanding

Users can interact with the virtual assistant in their native language. 

Pre-Built Integration with SAP Ariba

Out-of-the-box connectivity with Ariba functionality that accelerates user adoption. 

Automate 24/7 Support

Employees and suppliers can get support-related questions resolved instantaneously with Procurement Bot's intelligent monitoring and real-time sentiment analysis. 

Enable an Intelligent and Automated Digital Supply Chain

P2P Process Approvals

P2P Process Approvals

Enable your users to accelerate the approval process for P2P document flows including Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and more.


Process Exceptions

Suppliers can easily collaborate on process deviations such as rejected invoices to reduce the turnaround time needed to close the loop in communication.


Buying and Invoicing FAQs

Easily add to the Procurement Bot's knowledge base to effortlessly answer commonly asked questions regarding your specific P2P process.


Status Updates and Notifications

Rely on Procurement Bot to retrieve status updates and notifications on everything from process milestones to document changes without involving your support teams.


Supplier Collaboration and Self-Service Enablement

Quickly and efficiently request, receive, and process important changes from your suppliers (e.g., payment address).

Help Desk

Procurement Support Desk

Enable users to reduce P2P support related inquiries involving SAP Ariba with instant hand-offs to your support agents through service desk platforms such as ServiceNow®.

Instantly Engage with Your Suppliers & Employees

Users can interact in multiple languages using various channels including Microsoft Teams®, Google Chat®, Slack®, SMS, web, and more. 

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Enhance Your SAP Ariba User Experience & Meet Growing Stakeholder Demands

Delight your internal and external stakeholders by providing a virtual assistant that is smart, responsive, and doesn't require major capital investments.