e-Learning Specialist

  • Collaborate with instructional designers and subject matter experts to design, develop and deploy interactive eLearning solutions
  • Write scripts, apply graphic design skills, program user interactions, record software simulations, demonstrations, voiceovers, and create all applicable multimedia products to develop eLearning solutions
  • Manipulate and edit digital imagery, video and sound
  • Create images and animations and develop graphics that identify a concept or convey a message
  • Develop online assessment instruments
  • Edit and review existing eLearning solutions to keep them current and relevant
  • Create and implement designs as needed, including logos, icons, and other graphics that are professional and convey a specific message
  • Proactively seek eLearning end-user feedback, and edit materials accordingly
  • If consultants are employed to design course materials, review, provide feedback and redesign materials as necessary
  • QC the courses and verify every aspect of the learning material works: navigation, spelling, interactions, etc.
  • Upload SCORM to Gilead Learning Management System (LMS) and test it to ensure the course meets requirements to pass to production
  • Post-production technical assistance to troubleshoot issues, should they occur
  • Remain current with technology tools and trends in Digital Learning

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education, Media Communications, or related field.


Salary Range: $134,000- $144,000/year


Please send resumes referencing the aforementioned job title and reference number to Spotline Inc., 226 Airport Parkway, Suite 450, San Jose, CA 95110, or email to sid@spotline.com