Local Government guidelines allow employers to safely open their facilities with reduced capacity. Spotline WorkPass provides a portal to automate and manage employee access to the office facilities. The portal will pre-screen employees to restrict access if employees have health issues.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your existing Active Directory for SSO using Okta and badging system.

Omni Channel

WorkPass is available as a mobile app, chatbot, and web portal in the Cloud.

Spotline helped us quickly open our work locations safely during Covid-19

WorkPass enabled us in opening our work locations safely by providing complete control on badging, contract tracing, and reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WorkPass?
WorkPass solution is designed to manage daily employee access to your office facility.
Q: How long does it take to rollout WorkPass?
WorkPass can be configured and rolled out to your employees within 1-2 weeks.
Q: Do I need to install this application in my data center?
WorkPass is a hosted solution available as a SaaS solution.
Q: Where do you host WorkPass?
WorkPass is hosted in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
Q: Can I manage number of employees that are can be issued access to the building?
Yes, you can define % or number of employees that are allowed. You can exclude certain employees that are permanently allowed or denied access
Q: How do you authenticate employees?
We integrate with your existing Active Directly and authenticate using SAML.
Q: Can we modify pre-screening questionnaire?
Yes, pre-screening questionnaire can be updated to your needs.

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