Spotline ECMConnect improves HR knowledge workers effectiveness by providing a seamless 360° view to employee documents that are stored in Enterprise Content Repositories. The knowledge workers can access core employee data from Workday and digital content from ECM from within a unified interface.

ECMConnect provide a seamless integration between Workday HCM and Enterprise Repository with no customizations to Workday. Our integration works with oraganizations' Single-Sign-on(SSO) implementation.

Records Management

Integration with your Enterprise Repository enables single source of truth and compliance with your legal records management policies


Our solution is fully secure and honors security of both Workday and Enterprise repository sytems. Users access information that they are authorized to access.


  • Seamlessly integrates Workday HCM with ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems like Documentum and Content Server
  • Improves HR effectiveness by bringing the two Enterprise applications closer
  • CDisplays documents stored in ECM using meta-data from Workday directly in the browser-based UI
  • Eliminates the need to duplicate the documents in multiple systems
  • No customization necessary in the leading application hence shorter deployment cycles
  • ECMConnect interface allows HR knowledge workers to search/sort/filter the list of employee documents
  • Complies with both Workday and ECM application security rules
  • Supports most commonly used Single-Sign-On authentication mechanisms defined by the ECM system
  • Integrates with ECM using standard REST APIs