Safely manage employees access to your work locations
during Covid-19

Automate badge access requests, pre-screening questionnaires, and contact tracing.

Local Government guidelines allow employers to safely open their facilities with reduced capacity. Spotline WorkPass provides a portal to automate and manage employee access to the office facilities. The portal will pre-screen employees to restrict access if employees have health issues.

CDC approved questionnaire to pre-screen employees and visitors before issuing building access pass.
Integrate with your existing Active Directory for SSO using Okta and badging system.
WorkPass is available as a Mobile App, ChatBot, and Web Portal in the Cloud.
Spotline helped us quickly open our work locations safely during Covid-19

WorkPass enabled us in opening our work locations safely by providing complete control on badging, contract tracing, and reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WorkPass?
WorkPass solution is designed to manage daily employee access to your office facility.
Q: How long does it take to rollout WorkPass?
WorkPass can be configured and rolled out to your employees within 1-2 weeks.
Q: Do I need to install this application in my data center?
WorkPass is a hosted solution available as a SaaS solution.
Q: Where do you host WorkPass?
WorkPass is hosted in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
Q: Can I manage number of employees that are can be issued access to the building?
Yes, you can define % or number of employees that are allowed. You can exclude certain employees that are permanently allowed or denied access
Q: How do you authenticate employees?
We integrate with your existing Active Directly and authenticate using SAML.
Q: Can we modify pre-screening questionnaire?
Yes, pre-screening questionnaire can be updated to your needs.

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