Corporate Physical Records Management System using FileTrail

Engagement Summary

Implement a Physical Records Management system using FileTrail software for a large biopharmaceutical company in Bay Area.


  • Relocating physical records stored onsite, as well as offsite with a storage vendor, using either excel spreadsheets and a legacy application to keep track of the records
  • Filing, updating and tracking various physical records
  • Accessing centrally managed records from legal and document control groups


  • Choice of FileTrail as the technology solution for managing their physical records. This solution enables the customer to manage their records centrally with the ability to delegate records management responsibilities to respective departments
  • End user access to all the records based on the permissions with a self-serving model


Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences

Key Product Components

FileTrail 4.5, Windows 2012 R2, IIS 6.5

Engagement Description

The objective of the engagement was to execute a successful implementation with minimal risk and zero disruption.

Spotline engaged with the customer to implement the FileTrail solution for managing Physical Records Management system by:

  • Participating in workshops to gather business requirements
  • Preparing an Application Configuration Specification document that outlined each and every configuration in FileTrail to meet business requirements
  • Migrating legacy data onto the new platform and qualifying the system by executing validation protocols
  • Implementing a retention schedule with input from the legal department to manage records. This retention schedule defines the life span of the records. Based on the retention period, records were routed for destruction approval to the appropriate user with approval authority. User could request “Legal Hold” on records that needed to be preserved for any legal reason.
  • Keeping track of various requests using a management dashboard that users can act on.