September 27, 2015

Managed Services



You have the big picture. We bring two decades of deep dive to manage the moving parts.

End result: the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Now your IT’s shining.

Why Managed Services

IT is expected to manage the organization’s infrastructure, and recognize and implement new technologies to beat the competition. A trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Spotline can not only help keep your infrastructure running at peak levels, but also bring to bear advanced knowledge of the way of the future.

Spotline Managed Services solutions enable you to scale cost-effectively and quickly address evolving business priorities. From delivering robust applications across multiple platforms such as Cloud, On Premise, and Hybrid to running your pre-established methodologies, Spotline partners with you every step of the way to meet your toughest business objectives.


Spotline MSP Suite

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Managed ECM

Enterprise Content Management is critical in managing your organization’s content and workflows, yet comes with its own set of challenges: Strategy, Execution, Deployment, and Integration with ERP/CRM systems like SAP. Spotline powers your ECM initiatives at any stage with solution definition, development, deployment, and operation.


Managed Azure Cloud

Managing your cloud infrastructure, or making the decision to migrate to cloud for the first time, can both be daunting challenges for your organization. Security, scalability, uptime, cost, and access are all valid concerns. Spotline accelerates your journey to the cloud, reduces operational costs, maintains and transforms your IT success.


Managed Big Data Platform

Data is more ubiquitous than ever, and it has grown exponentially in volume, variety and velocity for every organization, from customer records to operations and finance. Data is a critical organizational asset that you must leverage in order to thrive. We locate, organize, compute and manage your Big Data for your business success.

Scope of services

Application Management for ECM/Cloud/Big Data solutions.

Manage multiple environments (Dev/QA, Production) for the above.


Services included

Document software and hardware changes

Document any changes made to the servers or hardware in order to keep the architecture and configuration documents up to date. These documents will be updated on as needed basis. Any changes to the system will be first reviewed and approved by Customer system manager. Once changes are approved, Spotline consultant will update appropriate documents.

Monthly reports of work accomplished, work in progress, monitoring status

Spotline consultant(s) will submit monthly status report that includes tasks that were completed during the week, pending tasks, and any issues that need Customer attention or escalation. Frequency of the status report can be adjusted based on the customer requirements.

Manage Applications Services

Spotline consultant(s) will manage the applications that are outlined in Scope of Services section of this proposal. Consultant(s) will be responsible for any monitoring the servers, resolve any issues reported by the users related to the application.

Any changes to the functionality of the application is out of scope for this proposal.

Keep Service Packs, Patches and Hotfixes current as per company policy

Spotline consultant(s) will apply any necessary service packs or patches to the application. Hotfixes will be applied if necessary to address any critical application related issues.

Any major or minor upgrades are out of scope for this proposal.

Check event log of every server and identify any potential issues

As part of the ongoing server(s) and application(s) monitoring, Spotline consultant(s) will regularly review server and application logs to identify any issues with the application. This will provide an insight on how the applications are functioning. Any issue identified in the logs will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken. Any action performed on the system will be documented and reported to the Customer System Manager.

Monitor hard drive free space on server

Spotline consultant(s) will monitor server hard drive usage for database(s), content, and server logs. If any of the hard disk reaches predefined usage limit, consultant will report to Customer infrastructure team to take appropriate action.

Monitor Active Directory replication

Spotline consultant(s) will monitor Active Directory replication and synchronization jobs to make sure users are getting synchronized on regular basis. In case of an issue, consultant(s) will take appropriate action to resolve the issue and ensure replication and synchronization is happening on regular basis.

Reboot servers if required

In case servers needs to be rebooted, Spotline consultant(s) will reboot the servers and bring back all the required services for the applications to perform normally.

Perform regular remote system maintenance

Spotline consultant(s) will perform regular maintenance on the system to make sure optimal performance. Regular maintenance include activities such as application log files archiving and purging, database log tables purging/archiving, database table index rebuilding, application tuning, application server tuning.

User Account and Groups maintenance

Spotline Consultant(s) will maintain users within the application groups and keep them updated. This includes adding new application users to the appropriate application groups for assigned permissions, remove users from the system, and update user groups based on their updated roles and permissions.

Check and monitor system backups

Spotline consultant(s) will monitor and verify that systems are being backed up appropriately so that in case of a system failure, system can be brought back from the backups.  Consultant will periodically try out restore procedure to ensure backups are happening correctly and can be used for restoration.

Alert Customer to  server conditions if reaching threshold

Spotline consultant(s) will alert customer infrastructure team if system(s) are reaching certain thresholds for memory usage, CPU, and disk space.

Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning