September 27, 2015




The Spotline Difference

Enterprise Content Management is critical in managing your organization’s content and workflows, yet comes with its own set of challenges: Strategy, Execution, Deployment, and Integration with ERP/CRM systems like SAP.

Spotline powers your ECM initiatives at any stage with solution definition, development, deployment, and maintenance.

From strategy to deployment and execution, we bring two decades of ECM experience in managing the end to end lifecycle of customers’ content, including integration with ERP/CRM and other LOB or legacy systems.

Solutions: Alfresco, Documentum, OpenText, SharePoint, FileTrail


Key Benefits of the Spotline approach

Having all of the data – both structured and unstructured – centralized, indexed and cataloged, so it’s easy to find and access when needed.

Easy to access information that is accurate, updated, and available in real-time.

Enhanced reporting capabilities for improved decision-making.

Secured content that is managed over its lifecycle.

Enabling employees to be more responsive to customers, to management, and to each other, thus enhancing collaboration.

Automated decision making and workflow capabilities.

Phases of Strategy and Deployment

ECM Strategy and Roadmap
For an ECM strategy, we help you capture the “current state”, design the “future state”, and develop an implementation roadmap that includes a governance and architecture strategy.

ECM Foundation and Rollout
We help you create an ECM foundation framework that can be deployed in an incremental fashion for content-centric processes or by departments. We leverage what you have in house or recommend best of breed technology that will appropriately meet your enterprise needs. Once the foundation is in place, it can then be rolled out to various departments for their content-centric processes.

ECM Integration   
Many times you have two distinct sets of applications 1) Content-Centric 2) Transactional. As a knowledge worker you need access to information from both sets of applications to make business decisions. We can help you integrate ECM solutions to your LOB transactional systems such as SAP, Oracle or other ERP, Custom Apps, or the web. This will help in generating higher productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

Data Migration
Every new deployment needs migration of information or data from legacy applications. We help you migrate content along with metadata to the ECM platform. If you don’t have metadata to define content, we help you implement auto classification tools that will enrich data along with the migration.

Records Management
Compliance is a key aspect of an ECM deployment. We help you secure content that needs to be preserved as records. With records management you keep the information that needs to be kept and only for the period that is required for compliance. Working with your compliance team, we help you implement a comprehensive Records Management and Retention process.