December 11, 2016

Data Virtualization for Business Agility

WEBINAR was held on on Nov 20, 2015

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Cisco’s Sam Tawfik on Data Virtualization: Going beyond Data Integration to Business Agility

Data Virtualization is an agile data integration approach to creating a logical data warehouse, thus enabling organizations to gain more insight from their data, respond faster to ever changing analytics and business intelligence needs, and benefit from a 345% ROI over data replication and consolidation. Data virtualization provides instant access to all your diverse data sources enabling you to create a unified view across your business.

We will look at a few customer use cases highlighting insights and success stories. We will further discuss new trends in self-service analytics, ways of optimizing the data warehouse investment, and best practices for analyzing, integrating and managing the new data including Big Data.


sam200px for webinarSPEAKER
Sam Tawfik
Practice Architect
Cisco Business Analytics

Sam is a veteran data management architect covering data warehousing, enterprise application integration, and product marketing.

His specialties include: Big Data, Data Warehousing, Data Integrations, Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, and Business Intelligence.





The webinar was conducted at the Life Sciences Innovation Forum

In 2015, the Life Sciences Innovation Forum was launched by Spotline Inc, a Silicon Valley consulting company built for the Intelligence Age, to meet the challenges and the opportunities of the Life Sciences sector. An industry report by a leading consulting organization found that the Pharma industry invests more of its revenues in innovation than other sectors. And the most innovative players are growing faster than their less pioneering competitors. Executives are also looking for inspiration outside their walls, with an emphasis on co-creation with external partners and even customers.

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