Spotline and EMC schedule a webinar: Documentum D2

The Webinar is over.

 Watch the webinar recording.

You’re invited: Why EMC Webtop users are upgrading to Documentum D2



WEBINAR: Tue July 19, 2016 at 11 am Pacific



You’ve been waiting for the good news. And we’re delighted to bring it to you.

EMC Documentum D2 is the advanced and configurable client for Documentum that users had been asking for.

You’ve been wanting to hear these words: No more custom coding.

If you’re still on Documentum 6.8 or older with Webtop, now is the time to upgrade to Documentum D2.


Why D2:


  • Powerful configuration eliminates the need for custom code, alleviating the customizations you do in Webtop.

Lower TCO

  • Shortens development and deployment cycles, and yields lower per unit support and maintenance costs.

Accelerated adoption of ECM applications

  • Delivers a role based personalized user experience giving each user only the functionality they need.

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